Event Details

Occupational Safety and Health Seminar on “Experience Sharing on Court Cases Relating to Safety and Health in Construction Industry”

Date: 15 April 2011 (Friday)
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Venue: TU-201, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Organizer(s): IOSH (HK)
Joint Organizer(s): Community & Construction Professionals’ Development Centre, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Safety Specialists Committee
Speaker: Dr. Cheung Ka Fu is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Builder, Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Chartered Project Management Surveyor. He is also a Registered Professional Engineer and Registered Professional Surveyor in Hong Kong and an Accredited Expert Witness in U.K. Dr. Cheung has been practising as an Expert Witness mainly in the field of construction safety and health for over 10 years.
Language: English
Contact Person: Miss Kelly Chu
Contact Email: mailbox@ioshhongkong.com
Contact Tel: 2690 3899
CPD: Certificate will be issued to participants who have completed the entire duration of the seminar. Each participating member shall collect his/her attendance certificate (with pre-printed name but without the Institution’s stamp) during registration. Upon completion of the seminar, at 8:30pm or later, participants shall proceed to the reception counter for receiving a stamp on the certificate. Only certificates with the Institution’s stamp are considered as valid CPD certificates.
Content: In the seminar, Dr. Cheung will share with us some typical court cases relating to safety and health in the construction industry in Hong Kong. Such court cases are his first hand experience as an expert witness in dealing with summons against defendants over trials in the courts.
Remarks: To prevent the spreading of Influenza infection, we request participants who have influenza-like symptoms, e.g. fever, cough and runny nose, should not attend the seminar. Alternatively, he/she should put on a face mask throughout his/her stay at the seminar. Please provide us with your contact information (phone number or email) at the time of on-line registration. We will notify you as soon as possible should any case of Human H1N1 Influenza at the seminar be confirmed.

Registrations Details:

The online registration starts at 2011-04-08 and end at 2011-04-14. Please register during the above period.