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Date: 27 August 2012 (Monday)
Time: 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Venue: Central Fireboat Station, Central Government Pier, 32 Man Fai Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Assemly: Assembly at 2:20 p.m. at Central Government Pier No. 1, 32 Man Fai Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Organizer(s): IOSH (HK)
Supporter(s): Fire Services Department
Language: Cantonese
Contact Person: Ms. Elizabeth Wai
Contact Email: mailbox@ioshhongkong.com
Contact Tel: 9025 6767
CPD: A CPD Certificate of 2 hours will be issued to participants upon the completion of the technical visit. Only certificates with the Institution’s stamp are considered as valid CPD certificates.
Content: The Fireboat ‘Elite’ is berthed at the Central Fireboat Station to provide maritime fire and rescue coverage at Victoria Harbour and the nearby areas. The ‘Elite’ is equipped with a fire fighting system, deck monitors, a speed boat, a diving moonpool, a diving cage with associated diving equipment and a decompression chamber for fire fighting and underwater rescue operations in Hong Kong waters. In this technical visit, our members will have firsthand taste of the operations of this major fireboat in Hong Kong. Staff of Fire Services Department will also introduce the daily operations and the use of rescue equipment and plant for contingency. The requirements of occupational safety and health during fireboat operations will also be highlighted in this technical visit.
Remarks: a) This visit is not covered by insurance policy taken out by IOSH (HK). Participating members may consider additional insurance protection at their own cost where necessary. b) This visit will be cancelled if tropical cyclone warning signals, i.e. Strong Wind Signal No. 3, or above / Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is still hoisted at 11:00 a.m. on the date of visit. c) To prevent the spreading of influenza, any participant who has symptom(s) of flu, e.g. fever, cough and runny nose, etc, is not recommended to attend the visit, or he / she is advised to put on a face mask throughout the visit. Please provide us with your contact information (either phone number or email) at the time of on-line registration for urgent notification. d) Participants shall agree with the terms and conditions of visit as required by the Fire Services Department. They include but not be limited to: - Participants shall not do anything that may affect the emergency services; - Participants shall not by any action or omission or otherwise do anything that may endanger themselves or any person and/or damage any property, etc; - Participants shall not bring any dangerous substance that may injure themselves or any person who may be present in the premises; - Participants shall not touch, take or use any facility and equipment unless they are permitted to do so. Participants shall be responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising out of any breach of the aforementioned terms and conditions.

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