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Technical Visit of Occupational Safety and Health on Sharing of Safety Aspects at Tuen Mum Public Riding School

Date: 22 February 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Venue: Tuen Mum Public Riding School, Lot 45, Lung Mun Road, Tuen Mun, N. T. Hong Kong
Assemly: Outside the Main Entrance of the School
Organizer(s): IOSH Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Contact Person: Raymond MAN
Contact Email: mailbox@ioshhongkong.com
Contact Tel: 9025 6767
CPD: 2 hours
Content: Tuen Mun Public Riding School is the largest public riding school in Hong Kong with the area of 35,800 square meters for 78 horses and ponies. It offers a wide range of equestrian activities, such as riding lessons, stable management course, stable visit and show events for the adults and children aged 6 and above. The school also provides facilities supports and professional advice to assist various horse-related associations in promoting the equestrian sports for different group of people in the community. Many different factors will affect the horse’s behavior in an unpredictable way causing a potential hazard to the people when riding or handling the horses. The visit will introduce the routine operation of the school and its safety management system for ensuring the staff to work safely and effectively with the horses. By knowing more about the natural instincts of horses, a sound understanding of the equine’s behavior and working procedure are the best for everyone to react and respond in a proper way.
Remarks: Participating members may consider additional insurance protection at their own cost where necessary.Points to note for participants Confirmed participants can have free parking at Tuen Mun Public Riding School during their visit (10:00am to 12:00 noon). Participant who has been successfully registered for the visit and would like to drive his private car could provide his vehicle registration number to Raymond Man via email by 14 February 2014.

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